Dark & White Sheep is a brand in favor of environmental care. We believe that a fashionable piece shouldn’t have a negative impact to the ecosystem. With our collections we fight against fast fashion; this business model is for the most, the responsible of why the industry is one of the most pollutant industries in the world. We want to end this by producing sustainable handmade leather products, using highest quality materials in order to create products that will last you for seasons. Our main material is vegetable tanned leather which has antibacterial and hygroscopic properties, your feet will stay dry and odorless with our products. We base our entire product in giving the buyer the most comfortable pair of sandals possible, this is why we use Poron® in our insoles. In order to give a better grip and a longer useful life, we use TPU injected leather outsoles.  We want to become a brand that inspires others to start consuming sustainable products, since we all need to be influenced by the importance of diminishing our carbon footprint.